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About this Website

Spanish 1 and 2

This website is designed to introduce Spanish 1 & 2 students to the Spanish language. This website takes students through the grammatical aspects of what they will be learning in an easy to understand way.

Professor Wayne Marble

The creator of this website, professor Wayne Marble has had the privilege of teaching Spanish to students from kindergarten to college level. He currently teaches high school at Lee's Summit West in Missouri. He has a BA in Spanish, a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and an Ed Specialist Degree in Educational Administration from the University of Missouri.

Lee’s Summit R7 Schools has implemented a progression of Pathway awards recognizing benchmarks toward biliteracy. The Seal of Biliteracy, which certifies attainment of functional proficiency in two or more languages, will be awarded to qualifying high school seniors upon graduation. The Seal of Biliteracy offers vast opportunities for those pursuing higher education or joining the workforce.

Explore The World

There are 40 million people in the U.S. that speak Spanish and it is the official language of 22  countries.  

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Why learn Spanish?

There are many reasons to learn Spanish.  It is important that students need a better reason to take Spanish than “My parents want me to”.  Here are some links to go to for ideas on better reasons to do this.

¿Porqué aprende español?

¿Google Translate?

Google translate can be a good tool to use in certain cases, but if you try and Google translate too much, it won’t come out good.  Here is an example.

Ventajas de ser bilingue

Ventajas de ser bilingue