Las Unidades de Español 1

¿Por qué aprende español?


Why Learn Spanish along with some basic survival words and phrases for the Spanish Class. 

Las Introducciones


Unit 1 (Aug. - Oct.):  In this unit we will learn about the Spanish alphabet, numbers 0-30, subject pronouns, using the verb ser, telling time, and introductions and greetings.

En la clase


Unit 2 (Oct. - Dec.):  In this unit, we will be learning how to use AR verbs, asking questions, numbers > 30, and the verb estar.

La Familia


Unit 3 (Jan. - March):  In this unit we will be learning how to describe family members, tell who things belong to, and work with ER and IR verbs.

Los Pasatiempos


Unit 4 (March - May): In this unit we will learn vocabulary related to sports and pastimes.  We will learn to talk about things that we are going to do later and use several irregular verbs.

El Calendario Español 1


Keep up with what we are doing in Spanish 1.  Here you can see what you have missed or look ahead to see what is coming.

Las Unidades de Español II

Al Principio


We will spend the first couple or weeks of school reviewing what we learned in Spanish 1.  Here are some of the words to refresh your memory.

Las Vacaciones


Unit 1 (Aug. - Oct.): We will learn terminology useful when on vacation.  We will learn how to say what we are presently doing, differentiate between ser and estar, and utilize estar with conditions and emotions..

De compras


Unit 2 (Oct. - Dec.):  We will learn vocabulary useful when shopping.  We will work with regular verbs in the preterite past tense as well as Ser and Ir.  We will learn how to express what we know about people and things. 

La Rutina Diaria


Unit 3 (Jan. - March): In this unit we will learn about Spanish conversations about daily routine using reflexive verbs.  We will talk about indefinite and negative words, the imperfect past tense, and other verbs that conjugate like gustar.

La Comida


Unit 4 (March - May): In this unit we will discuss foods, be able to compare things and state that something is the best or worst.  We will also work with more stem changing verbs in the preterite tense.

El Calendario Español 2


 Keep up with what we are doing in Spanish 2.  Here you can see what you have missed or look ahead to see what is coming. 

Missouri Seal of Biliteracy


Why sould I participate in the Seal of Biliteracy?

 Lee’s Summit R7 Schools has implemented a progression of Pathway Awards recognizing benchmarks towards biliteracy. The Seal of Biliteracy, which certifies attainment of functional proficiency in two or more languages, will be awarded to qualifying high school seniors upon graduation. The Seal of Biliteracy offers vast opportunities for those pursuing higher education or joining the workforce.

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