Unidad 2: En la Clase


In unidad 2, you will be learning how to talk about your classes and school life in Spanish.  You will learn vocabulary to talk about everyday activities at school as well as where things are located.  It is around this time of the year when el día de los muertos is celebrated , so students will learn about this celebration as well.

Completing this course will help you:

Video: Día de los Muertos

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Learning Path

Look at the words listed below.  Open the audio and listen for these words as la professora Morales talks about her Spanish classroom. Mark “Sí” by the items that she mentions and “No” by the items that she does not mention.  Turn your answers in on Schoology.

Click here for the audio.

1.  puerta
2.  ventanas
3.  pizarra (Chalkboard or White board)
4.  borrador (eraser)
5.  tiza (Chalk)
6.  escritorios
7.  sillas
8.  libros
9.  plumas
10.  mochilas
11.  papel
12.  reloj (Clock or watch)

Click here for the audio.

Each of the items on this audio are either a person, place or a subject.  There are 3 of each.  List these items in their correct category.  Turn this in on Schoology.

Categorías:     Personas (people)

                            Lugares (places)

                            Materias (class subjects)

Match each question with its most logical response.  When you turn this in on Schoology, make sure that you only write the letter!

Click the picture if you would like to review what the question words mean.

1.   ¿Qué clase es?                                a. Hay veinticinco

2.  ¿Quiénes son?                                 b.  Es un reloj.

3.  ¿Quién es?                                         c. Es de Perú

4.  ¿De dónde es?                                 d.  Es la clase de química

5.  ¿A qué hora es la clase de inglés?         e.  Es el señor Bastos.

6.  ¿Cuántos estudiantes hay?             f.  Es a las nueve en punto.

                                                                      g. Son los profesores

Select the word that does not belong in each group.


Hoja de papel – worksheet

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Página 2

Click on the frog below and practice playing the games that he takes you to.  You will be practicing your new vocabulary with these games.  Make sure that you save your scores so that your teacher knows that you did the required activities.

El Día de los muertos