¿Qué hora es?

Unidad 1: Module 1.6


In this module, we will be learning about how to tell time in Spanish.  We will be reinforcing our numbers that we learned (0 – 30) by using those numbers to tell time.

Completing this module will help you:

Slides about telling time

Learning Path

Study the slides above and complete the activities at the end.  

Use the video below the learning path for this assignment.  Turn in on Schoology.

  1. What time did I go into the salon?

2.  Did I have an appointment when I entered the salon?

3.  What time will la bruja (the witch) be able to cut my hair?

4. When is my next appointment going to be?

5. Was I satisfied with my new haircut?

¿Qué hora es? This question is asking what the time is right now.  Write what time it is according to each of the clocks.   Write the numbers out as done in the model using good punctuation as well. 

Here is a video to help you get started.

(Note: The clock on top set at 4:45 pm goes along with the model.  It is not a part of number 4.)

  1.  ____ 2. ____ 3. ____ 4. ____  5. _____  6. ____ 7. _____  8. _____  9. ____  10. ____

First write a sentence asking at what time these events take place.  Then write a second sentence stating at what time they take place.  

Click the picture for help getting started.

You should receive a copy of this worksheet with your school things.  However, if you don’t get it or loose it, you may print one out from here.

Page 1

Page 2

Click the picture and practice your knowledge over telling time in Spanish.

Click on the frog below and go to the activities that it takes you to where you can play games practicing telling time in Spanish.  

Picture for Lección 3

Picture for Lección 4.

Telling Time in Spanish

:01 - :30

Telling time from the hour to the half-hour

:30 - :59

Telling time from the half-hour to the hour