¡Bienvenidos a Español 2!


Unidad 5: Las Vacaciones


Since this is the beginning of Español 2, we will start off with a little bit of review over Spanish 1.  This review will be about 2 weeks.  I strongly recommend that students go back and review the Spanish 1 content on the public part of this website as we begin.  

Once we finish reviewing, we will begin the actual unit.  In this unit we will be learning new vocabulary related to traveling as well as new grammar topics.

Completing this Module will help you:

Meet the Teacher (Sr. Marble

Learning Path

Each unit (Unidad) is broken down into modules with are the main topics of the unit.  Each module contains several lessons designed to give students a level of proficiency at each topic.

This first unit for Spanish 2 (Unidad 5) is broken down into 5 modules.  

  1.  Las Vacaciones – Intro to Chapter 2 and review
  2. Estar with conditions and emotions
  3. The Present Progressive tense
  4. Using the verbs Ser & Estar
  5. Using direct object nouns and pronouns
  • These modules will not change throughout the year.  However, the lessons within the modules will.  
  • You can expect some type of assessment to be given at the end of each module.
  • You will notice at the bottom of the modules, there is a button to mark it complete.  There will not be any points given for marking a module complete, so please do not do this until we have moved on to the next module as a class.
  1. Go over Syllabus
  2. Conjuguemos comClass code = nmjrqp  Choose your correct class please.
  3. Enroll into quizlet.com.  
  4. Enroll into Flip.com
  5. Repaso ¿Qué te gusta hacer?  / Introducciones
  6. (Flipgrid Assignment) Who are you?  Due Viernes.


  • Conjuguemos – Regular present tense verbs.


Must review!!!

Here are some Important Flip chart reminders

Subject Pronouns

Descriptive Adjectives

AR Verbs

ER & IR Verbs