Unidad 1



In this first unit you will learn to greet people properly in Spanish as well as to say goodbye.  You will be able to identify yourself and other people.  This unit will last from the beginning of school till approximately the end of October.

In this unit (unidad 1) (first Quarter) you will learn:

Learning Path

Each unit (Unidad) is broken down into modules with are the main topics of the unit.  Each module contains several lessons designed to give students a level of proficiency at each topic.

The first unit is broken down into 6 modules.  

  1.  El Alfabeto
  2. Hola, ¿Qué tal?
  3. Nouns & Articles
  4. Subject Pronouns and the present tense of Ser
  5. Numbers 0 – 30
  6. Telling time
  • These modules will not change throughout the year.  However, the lessons within the modules will.  
  • You can expect some type of assessment to be given at the end of each module.
  • You will notice at the bottom of the modules, there is a button to mark it complete.  There will not be any points given for marking a module complete, so please do not do this until we have moved on to the next module as a class.
  1. Meet the teacher video.  (above)
  2. Overview of this website
  3. Enroll into Flipgrid for your hour.
  4. Enroll into Quizlet


  • Why do you want to learn Spanish?  (Flip.com Assigment)
  • Frases de supervivencia (Practice with the video below.)
      • ¿Puedo ir a la oficina?  Can I go to the office?
      • Repite, por favor. – Repeat please.
      • ¿Puedo usar mi teléfono?  – Can I use my telephone?
      • Tengo una pregunta.  –  I have a question.
      • Necesito un lápiz.  –  I need a pencil.
      • ¿Puedo ir al armario?  –  Can I go to the locker?
      • ¿Puedo ir al baño?  –  Can I go to the bathroom?
      • ¿Puedo ir a la biblioteca?  –  Can I go to the library?
      • ¿Puedo ir a la enfermería?  –  Can I go to the nurses office?
      • ¿Puedo ir al fuente?  –  Can I go to the water fountain?
      • Necesito papel.  –  I need paper.
      • No entiendo.  –  I don’t understand.


  • Prueba (Quiz) over las frases de supervivencia and other things from this page.  Click on the Quiz link at the bottom of this page and take the quiz.  You will need to score a minimum of 80% on this quiz in order to move on.  If you do not get this score on the first try, then redo it until you do.  Once you do, then click to move on to the next module.  

My two truths and a little Fib revealed!

Supervivencia - Survival Phrases


Did you know?

Information 2

Why is Spanish considered a romance language?

Why is Spanish considered a Romance Language?

If you joined a Spanish class because you thought that doing so would make you a better lover, then you are going to be disappointed. The term Romance Language was given to the languages that were derived from Latin after the breakup of the Roman Empire. "Romance" derives from the Latin word romanice, which means "in the Roman language."