Los sustantivos y los Articulos
(nouns & articles)

Unidad 1: Module 1.3

Los sustantivos y los Articulos

A noun is a word used to identify people, animals, places, things, or ideas.  All Spanish nouns, even those that refer to non-living things, have a gender.  This means that they are considered either masculine or feminine.  Nouns in Spanish also have number, meaning that they are either singular or plural.  

Completing this module will help you:

Click on the picture to open the Prezi presentation about los Sustantivos y los Artículos

Learning Path

Click the picture to learn words related to objects in the classroom.

Words to add to your vocabulary sheet not included in the video:

  • La mujer = the woman
  • El hombre = the man
  • El pasajero = the passenger
  • El conductor = the driver
  • El autobús = the bus

Click on the picture above the Learning Path and go through the slides explaining how to correctly use nouns and articles in Spanish.  Complete the activity at the end of the slides.



Choose the correct definite article for each noun.

  1.  hombre
  2.  profesora
  3.  chica
  4.  pasajero
  5.  mujer
  6.  conductora
  7.  chico
  8.  pasajera
  9.  profesor

Choose the correct definite article for each noun.

  1.  autobús
  2.  maleta
  3.  lápices
  4.  diccionario
  5.  palabras
  6.  mano
  7.  país
  8.  problema
  9.  cosas
  10.  diarios
Fill in the blanks with the plural form of each singular article and noun and the singular form of each plural article and noun.


un papel: unos papeles

  1.  : unas fotografías
  2.  : un día
  3.  : un cuaderno
  4.  : unos pasajeros
  5.  : una computadora
  6.  : unas escuelas
  7.  : unos videos
  8.  : un programa
  9.  : unos autobuses
  10.  : una palabra

Provide an appropriate article and noun for each picture.

    Four people with cameras around their necks pose for another person taking a picture. A sixth person with a camera watches.

    An open photoalbum shows four photos. An arrow points to a picture of a person running.
    A man on the bus holds onto a hanging strap and checks his watch.
    Four suitcases of varying sizes and shapes.

Use this game to practice and improve your abilities to utilize definite and  indefinite articles in Spanish.

Quizzes game 

Things to know

Definite Articles - "THE" in Spanish

Definite Articles

4 ways to say "the" in Spanish.

Indefinite Articles "a, an, & Some"

Indefinite Articles

A spider, an octopus, some bugs!