Los números 0 - 30

Unidad 1: Module 1.5


I imagine that some of you who grew up watching Diego and Dora the Explorer on TV may already be able to count to 30 in Spanish, so maybe this will be the easy module for you.  We will be learning to count to 30 in Spanish.

Completing this course will help you:

Click on the picture to open the Prezi presentation about numbers 0 - 30

Learning Path

Study the slides above and complete the activities at the end of the slides.

Practice saying the numbers 0 – 30.  Then record it on Flip.com.

Select the picture that correctly answers how many people are in the photos.


  1.  Hay cuatro personas.
  2. Hay cinco personas.
  3. Hay tres personas.
  4. Hay seis personas.
  5. Hay doce personas.
   Write out the number that is given in Spanish.

20 : veinte

  1.    7 :
  2.    16 : 

  3.    29 : 

  4.    1 : 

  5.    0 : 

  6.    15 :

  7.    21 : 

  8.    9 :

  9.    23 : 

  10.    11 : 

  11.    30 : 

  12.    4 : 

  13.    12 : 

  14.    28 : 

  15.    14 : 

  16.    10 : 

How many persons or things are in these drawings? Follow the model to complete the sentences below.


Three different kinds of suitcases in a group.
Hay tres maletas.
  1. Two open pencil boxes with pencils sticking out and the number "10" written on each.
    Hay  lápices.
  2. An old man wearing a tuxedo gesturing.
    Hay  hombre.
  3. A piece of notebook paper with the word "Chicos" at the top and 25 tally marks below.
    Hay  chicos.
  4. A bus with open doors and a female driver smiling inside.
    Hay  conductora.
  5. An open photoalbum shows four photos of the beach.
    Hay  fotos.
  6. Two cardboard boxes with notebooks and the number "15" written on each.
    Hay  cuadernos.
  7. Four people with cameras around their necks pose for another person taking a picture. A sixth person with a camera watches.
    Hay  turistas.
  8. A piece of notebook paper with the word "Chicas" at the top and 17 tally marks below.
    Hay  chicas.
Do the math and choose the correct answer.
  1. Hay uno más (+) nueve turistas.
  2. Hay diez más doce lápices.
  3. Hay trece menos (-) seis chicas y veinte menos doce chicos.
  4. Hay diez menos nueve autobuses.
  5. Hay quince más cinco profesores y tres menos dos profesoras.
  6. Hay diecinueve más diez videos.

You can print out a copy of the worksheet for this module by clicking the link.

Page 1

Since we already speak English and you are learning Spanish, then let’s practice them both together.  As you start counting, say every other number is Spanish and every other number in English.  Start out slow and work on it until you can do it quickly.  Below the Learning Path is a video of a student from a couple of years ago named Marin doing this really fast. If you would like to challenge her score, then go for it!  There could even be some extra credit involved.  However, if you cannot even come close to challenging her score, don’t feel bad.  There are very few people that can do it like that. 

  When you have practiced a lot and have got it as fast as you can, then record it and turn it in on Schoology using Flipgrid.


Click the picture to practice your numbers 0 – 30.

How fast can one count to 30 using every other number in SPanish and every other number in English?

A fun little numbers practice game that I like to have students play is to have them count to 30 with every other number in Spanish and every other number in English.  Here is our 2019 – 2020 champion.  Can you beat Marin?

SOme important details in this module

Detail 1

Here are the numbers 0 - 30

Detail 2

Other words commonly used with numbers

Important words commonly used with numbers.

Hay = there is, there are
No Hay There is/are not any.
Cuántos = How many? (masculine)
Cuántas = How many? (feminine)